flip the page… #1 of 365 more to go.

dear 2018,

you were the best and the worst. But I am who I am, because of you! It’s almost unbelievable that another year is gone and that the 15th year is upon me. The worst was that I didn’t do all that I could do, the days wasted yet cherished in bed or the tears wasted and drowned in. The best was all that I did.

I remember the first day of 2018! I spent it with my best friend, staying up all night together watching videos, setting up a photo shoot, listening to music.. what matters most is that she came over when I was sad and alone. Through each year, you make memories and meet people who liiiitttteerralllyyyyy change your life. Every action taken is forever. So appreciate the moment and never forget what each year brings. You may not always end the year with the same people but the people and the memories are there forever. Not “new year, new me”, it’s another year, more me. As our tree rings add up over time, the width of our life lengthens full of lessons learned and dreams for the conquering.

To my 2018, thank you for making me who I am right now.

To the end of a significant 11 years of my childhood education.

To the beginning of a new chapter of my high school life.

To the strangers who become friends and the friends who became family and the family who were there.

To a deepening of bond between family, friend, teachers, and supporters.

To the start of my photography business and the start of the YouTube that is to be improved.

To the continuing and bettering of my blog.

To my growth of knowledge and education and deepening of faith.

To a healthy year of no sickness or serious injury.

To the countless minutes watched on Netflix and the countless steps taken.

Thank you, next (hehe had to do it)

To 2019,

I want to be able to know in a year that I lived life to the fullest and grew in ways I didn’t know I could. I aspire to be successful in school and my roles. I hope to further build my photography, blog, and videos- here I come, 2019. I am looking forward to the adventures to be made in the canals of Venice to the couches of the living room. I can’t wait for the memories waiting to be made and the lessons I’ll learn. I know the way will be bumpy and many tears will be shed, but I know that next January, I will be ready to continue my growth as a person. Most importantly, I am hopeful for the new relationships to build with now strangers that I can one day call friends, classmates, clients, associates, and family.

Happy New Year!!!!

-KATIE ♥♥♥


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