One of the best things about summer is all the variations of color in clothing, whereas fall is mainly browns and oranges. My latest favorite summer pieces have been bursting with color and patterns. It is so much fun and gives off the “happy vibes” (this has been way oversaid but imma say it again) “goooood vibes only bro!” 

For this outfit, I paired ripped jeans from AFRM Nordstrom with a colorfully striped tank with the coolest zip neckline ever!


I love LOVE this top and how the colors beautifully contrast each other. Overall, the bright red zip down the middle is what makes this outfit one of my favorites!

Click to shop the top!



These jeans were such a great find! I have been scouring everywhere to find the perfect everyday jeans. To my surprise, I went for a straight leg, almost mom jean look, despite my closet is full of skinny jeans. You wouldn’t think these jeans are comfortable, but they are the softest and cutest pants ever! I love how the rips give the whole outfit a  throwback “wear and tear” type of look!

Plus, I wore these jeans in steaming hot Texas weather. Dedication.

Click to shop the jeans! These are currently sold out so I will link similar styles below!


I am wearing my go-to white sneakers from Target and pair of octagonal shades from TopShop.

Click to shop the accessories!

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you found what you were looking for and were inspired by my take on summer stripes! Comment and like if you enjoyed it! -Katie ♥♥♥



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