In the beginning, I knew it was risky to start on another platform, YouTube, and push myself out there, but I figured I already have been putting videos on Instagram, why not YouTube? I didn’t want to be limited to only what Instagram could offer. Although I have not been on YouTube for a long time, I have learned many things about myself along the way. In the eyes of others, it is simply just me posting a video every two weeks or so and spamming my Instagram and Snapchat with, “Link in my bio! Go check it out!” But recently, putting myself out on Youtube has taught me many things that I want to share with y’all.

Be yourself, for your own good, and for others.

What this means…

Youtube is far different than any social media I have done such as Instagram, or Pinterest. On YouTube, you are speaking as if someone met you in person. But the reality is, I am only talking to a black small little camera in front of me. It is hard to smile and laugh along to the lifeless object, meaning it is hard to be myself. I have to consciously be aware that behind that camera or screen are my friends, family, and potentially- the whole entire world… some might think that this would cause a person to act differently and unauthentic but it helps me be more of myself. This lesson of, “Be yourself, for your own good, and for others,” means to me that on YouTube, it doesn’t do any good for myself or my viewers if I am fake. This has translated into my everyday life to strive to be authentic. Instagram, Facebook, or any form of social media gives everyone the ability to hide behind a screen and be whoever you want, but I want to give new meaning to social media. Specifically, I need to be wholeheartedly myself wherever I am! If you have been talking to me recently, lol you know who you are, I’ve been nonstop saying slash yelling crazily to no one, in particular, “IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE ME AT MY WORST THAN YOU DONT DESERVE ME AT MY BEST.” It is super duper aggressive, but don’t worry I’m not screaming it at anyone hahaha! Just to remind myself, to not be scared of showing others who I am physically (w/out makeup or not always in the best outfit), or emotionally/mentally (in my speech, views, and feelings).

Don’t force it.

What this means…

For many people, YouTube is their job. By creating content for their subscribers, they earn money for themselves. But for me, I am only doing YouTube for the pure fun and enjoyment as of right now! So there is less pressure to make videos. My uploading is inconsistent, but I am happy with it because if I have a video I like, I’ll post it. If I don’t, oh well. Don’t force it. Diving a little deeper, I do admit, I am sometimes hesitant about sharing a video because I am afraid people will judge me, but in the end, if it truly makes you happy, then do it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I am so glad to be back to blogging and can’t wait to write more.

With love,

Katie ♥♥♥

My Youtube!




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