PASSION FOR PLANNERS! #organized #stressfree #productive

“Katie, if you don’t clean your room, I’m going to take your phone away.”

“Katie, please turn in your late homework (that mayyyyyy or not be lost.”

“Katie, remember, there’s a student council meeting today (that I FORGOT about).”


As my fellow inspiration and all-time queen, Martha Stewart, states, “Life is too complicated not to be orderly.” Being organized is the key to living a successful stress-free life. From back to back sports practices and family events, it is important for me to keep my plans organized. I keep two planners to keep myself on the right path and not stray which I tend to do A LOT. Not only with things to go to, but planners also help get chores and homework done, too!

I love planners with a passion. They are what keep me thriving and surviving. I keep one for my homework and daily reminders. And my other one is one of my favorite new discoveries from Transcending Waves Planners! Keep reading to read about how I keep organized and some helpful tips and tricks!

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Transcending Waves Planners is an inspiring planner company that helps me be healthier mentally, reduces my stress and life clutter! Their planners have great features that enable me to organize my monthly, weekly, and daily mental, behavioral, and physical life.

Transcending Waves Planners

Without any doubt, I can admit my horrible ability to keep clean and clutter-free (mind and room lol, sorry Mom). Although with the help of Transcending Waves, I can easily prioritize my tasks and focus better.

There are monthly, weekly, and daily sections in the planner that help layout your events and thoughts. I use the daily page the most. In the mornings, I like to fill out the morning section to help start my day and set out my goals. As the day starts to wind down, I enjoy ending it in bed filling out my night section to see the results of my focus and goals. I often fall into a routine of just living and not truly thinking about my actions or what is best for me. Transcending Waves helps me focus on my every thought and organizes so that I am able to cross things off my lists like lightning!

One of the biggest parts of my life is organizing my school work and duties. With the help of my Bloom planner from Amazon, all classwork is turned in on time and my daily tasks are accomplished.


I recommend investing in a planner if you don’t have one already. Two is not a bad idea either, as long as each one holds different goals and each play distinct roles. The best thing about Transcending Waves is how their planners have tons of space to include ALL of your goals and plans. Use my code “KATIE10” for 10% off on a Transcending Waves Planner now!

Here are my tips on being organized:

  1. Prioritize your tasks.
  2. Do one thing at a time.
  3. Do not procrastinate.
  4. Write down all of your tasks, don’t rely on memory!
  5. Dedicate a little bit of time each day to clean any clutter in your room, desk, or locker.

Remember everything has a time and place! Organize & prioritize!

Thanks for reading!! I hope all you people with a passion for planners found this blog relatable and interesting! And if you are struggling with being organized, I hope this blog helps! -KATIE ♥♥♥

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