This season of self-reflection and preparation for the Resurrection brings on valleys of struggle but also mountains of strength (or at least for me it does).

I look towards Christ on Mount Calvary with the crown of thorns rested on His head, His head hung low, and the blood and water of our sins pouring from His side… and wonder- all this, for me. For me, Christ died on the Cross to redeem my sins. Christ, you died for love of me, help me to die for love of you.

The line, “Christ, You died for love of me so let me die for love of You”, sounds like poetic baloney but it holds a deeper truth for us. Every day, we should die for our sins and carry the cross of our burdens. Christ gives us the grace to carry on and is ever present in our souls. Whether that means, resisting eating a french fry or watching the latest David Dobrik Youtube video when you gave it up, it is our duty to sacrifice ourselves for Christ throughout Lent. Through our sacrifice, it shows that Jesus is the most important matter in your life. We, as His most precious creation, are also God’s most important work.

Now that the 40 days of Lent have come to a halting point, it is time to REJOICE! Over, are the days without chocolate or things you sacrificed and now, are the days of Christ filled love. Giving up our wants may seem insignificant during Lent but it builds self-control and helps reduce the feeling of temptation. God gave us free will, but that means doing what you should because you can not do what you want because you can. Imagine, Jesus Christ, the glorious Lord, and Savior humbled himself to be spat on and tortured and killed for us, it should not be difficult for us to sing His song of love, hope, and faith instead of scourge the people around us. Strive to be Christ in every moment of your life.

Throughout Lent, I have broken my promises to God many times it is something that I have prayed to overcome. For example, one of the things I gave up was curling my hair. To others, it may seem like, “What the heck, that’s weird- it doesn’t even mean anything to Christ, but to me, it was a symbolism of vanity and distraction from Jesus. Instead of reflecting on my hair in the mirror (lol this sounds like I’m Rapunzel or something) I could reflect on myself on how to be a better child of Christ. At the beginning of Lent, I absolutely hated not being able to curl my hair but later on, I did not even think twice- it wasn’t a need or want in my life anymore. That is how Lent strengthens our will to reject sin and temptation. Jesus wants us to die on the cross to our burdens and troubles so that in our three days, we may RISE in GLORY! 

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

“Christ is risen and has promised to take us with him. This life is not the end; we too will be transformed into endless life and beauty. Human life is good, but it will end. The resurrection gives hope and meaning to our existence here. In our weakness, we will after death be raised in glory” (By Ocarm.org).

I hope this year’s Lent was a blessed journey of self-realization for you and a very HOPPY Easter! “Let us rejoice and be glad” (Psalm 118:24). Have a wonderful day and God bless! – KATIE ♥♥♥


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