*ding *ding My phone lights up with a notification of an Instagram DM… hm, who slid into my DMS. Yuuuup, just another question about what filter or app I use to edit my pictures! To answer all of your questions I decided to make a blog post detailing all of my secrets.

Everyone asks how I edit my pictures and get my feed to somewhat (not always, unfortunately) coordinate! People who continually post on their Instagram and try to have the PERFECT caption and picture might be called “extra” or “try-hards” AND it’s true (it IS extra!) but it really shows dedication and “art”. It takes a creative eye to capture a good picture and make it blend into a cohesive feed.

Personally, I like to have a variety of different pictures and videos on my feed including fun wacky photoshop to simple friend hangout memories! Your feed is your own to customize and there is no wrong way to edit. Keep reading to see how I edit my pictures on the iPhone! Simple, free, and without the hassle of computer software of Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.

The first step is getting your pictures. Quality is the most important part of having successful pictures. I use a DSLR camera for most of my pictures, but nowadays an iPhone can stand to replace a complex DSLR camera (sooometimes!)  Lots of my videos and pictures are shot on my iPhone 7 Plus, but most vacation/ photoshoot pictures are from my Canon camera.

The key to having a comfortable and consistent feed for you is experimenting and finding the apps and filters you like! Don’t be afraid of posting and do what you like #yolo! The good thing about Instagram that has saved my feed sooo many times is the ability to archive and so I can always put or take off old pictures.

I start with basic editing on Ultralight. On Ultralight, I go to “edit” and then raise the whites by four, raise highlights by four, and lower blacks by two. Ultralight just makes the contrast more intense and the picture appears higher quality. You can even just use the editing option on the Photos app. Other options are Snapseed, Afterlight, Picsart, Focus, etc.

Before & After


The next step is to upload the touched image to Vsco. I love to use Vsco because of its wide variety of presets and simple tools. My way of editing on Vsco changes a lot depending on my feed colors and the vibe I am going for. I always use the highlights, contrast, HSL, brightness, saturation, and crop. Additionally, I have Vsco X which gives me all Vsco presets (usually $200 in-app purchases) but Vsco X is only $20 per year! Totally worth it!

There are two methods I use to edit my Vsco pictures:

Manually adjust the tools or copy edits from a previously edited picture and paste them on the new. An advantage of the second method is that the pictures will more likely match in your feed. Here is the video of what I used and how I transformed the picture.



Before (Ultralight) & After


Lastly, then it is time to check if your picture would match with your feed! I have two ways to find out- either posting and then deleting on Instagram or using an app called UNUM. Unum is used specifically for pre-planning your posts and many Instagram businesses and influencers use it. Pictured down below are my two methods of determining a matching feed.


Now it’s time get posting!!!

I hope this post has helped you to gain insight on how I edit my Instagram pictures and helped you in some way. To stay updated on all things Katie, follow my Instagram @thekatiehoang. Make sure to leave any thoughts or love in the comments and make sure to give this a like if you enjoyed this blog post! Thank you!- KATIE♥♥♥



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