Wow. wow. wow. 

It is an understatement that I love photography. I may not be the best but I love it!
On Saturday, I was booked for a photo shoot with two of the most beautiful and funny girls. We decided to go to Grapevine Main Street. Grapevine Main Street has gorgeous vintage stores and vivid decoration. I love shooting at that location because of the environment and millions of possible photo outcomes. A person could get a bright full-of-life image or a dark sullen alley picture. So fun of a location!

The reason why I’m sharing a behind the scenes look at this photoshoot is to share the fun and adventure that often gets overlooked in pictures. Taking photos is truly a journey and you can have so much fun! Whether you are behind the camera or modeling, it is a blast to see the process of location scoping, shooting, and editing.

Keep reading to see some behind the scenes images!


First off, let’s start this blog on the right note! Here is a flamingo I found in the coolest outdoor store there.


This photoshoot consisted of mainly walking thousands of miles through Texas heat paralleling to the scorching Sahara desert. SO in other words, we were SWEATY. The girls pushed through and we got some amazing pictures! Down below is a glimpse of Daniella and Sophia’s pictures.



It is the most amazing feeling in the world to be surrounded by postive people and it gives a person inspiration. Helloooo look at these girlies, we literally busted in shops, took wack pics, and owned parking lots like nobody’s business.


The highlight of this shoot was when we got popsicles. Granted I dropped my Hip Pop Blueberry Lemon popsicle on the ground (but ate it bc 5-second rule!) and feel sick right now. It was worth it! FOod makes the soul HAPPY!


Towards the end of the one hour shoot, we were searching for a bright background and thankfully spotted an eye-blinding yellow Mexican restaurant across the street. VRROOOM! and we were off! The pictures turned out great and make me so happy. Major spring VIBES! Also, clarification- Sophia and I switched tops (hence the weird picture of me)


Big thanks to whoever thought of blowing a dandelion would be cute. They are NOT weeds, they are just too cool to be weeds. Daniella “accidentally” ate a dandelion (I’m sorry for tricking you but I hope your wish came true!)


For an added bonus! Check out this video to see where their oufits were from!!



Thank you so much for reading!!! Leave your thoughts and love in the comments. Stay tuned for more! -KATIE ♥♥♥


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