WHAT YOU SEE vs. WHAT HAPPENS! #photoshoot #bloopers

As a photographer, blogger, and a 21st-century teen- pictures are everything. They can be amazing and expressive but very quickly they can turn be negative and be objects of obsession. People and pictures aren’t perfect despite society trying so hard to make them perfect. It’s okay not to be and I want to show y’all my behind the scenes with shoots!

On the other side of things, photoshoots are so much fun! You get to dress up and illustrate a painting of whatever you want. It truly is art and a great way to express yourself. I grew up with photography and videography as a huge part of my childhood because it was so important to my parents to document milestones and our family. This has stuck with me as I’ve grown up. I cherish pictures because of they are so incredibly beautiful. Every time I see an image, I remember the memory and moment. Pictures speak louder than words!

In the following blog, I have included some recent photoshoot bloopers and the pre-edited pictures. People don’t see what happens behind Instagram or other socials, and I want to show what people see versus what happens.






On a gloomy cloudy Sunday, my neighbor and I were beyond the point of boredom. I was writing a product review of an eyeshadow palette but gave up and it ended it smudged up all over my face (definitely not a beauty guru hahaha)! While exploring our neighborhood, we jumped some fences and took some sick pictures. Moral of the story: You never know what you can do until you take the chances life gives you.





This was my first time at In n Out, and it was truly an unforgettable experience. I was taking pictures for my model and she was kind enough to document this unforgettable moment of me spilling my strawberry milkshake (which is really really yummy)! Jokes aside (lol), I love going to new and unpredictable places for photoshoots. They add such a unique element to your pictures!






These pictures are a collection of three past events! The pond was in my neighborhood and the other from a playground. The pond was frozen and like the total rebel I am, I walked all over that puddle haha #yolo! (don’t do that at home kids) I am incredibly unphotogenic and prefer to be holding the camera, but it so so fun to be in front of it sometimes.  I keep taking photos because when you love something, you don’t give up on it :))) What I have learned is to be yourself, because it makes pictures and shoots 10x better!


Now that you have seen enough pictures of me to last a lifetime, I hope you found this refreshing and slightly humorous. Taking pictures has become a passion of mine and my 7,000 phone pictures prove my obsession. I hope this inspires you to go out into the world and snap some cool photos! Remember that it’s an art that you can never go wrong with.

Let me know in the comments if you want to see more photography type blogs (tips & tricks, my process, editing, etc) or if you want to see future bloops/behind the scenes! Give this blog post a like if you enjoyed it! Thank you!!! – KATIE ♥♥♥



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