Jewelry is the paprika to your outfit. Always spicin’ it up!

Jewelry is like ice cream. You can always have more!

They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but diamonds are a girl’s BFF. Accessorizing can bring your outfit from a 3 to a 10. There are so many different options such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and watches. With spring around the corner, we finally don’t have to be confined to always bundling up with scarves and giant coats. This means more necklaces and jewelry! I have been itching to proudly wear my jewelry. In this blog post, I show my favorite accessories/jewelry! Keep reading to check out the best bling/style/fun/fab jewelry accessories!


correction: jewelry & food are a girl’s real besties hahaha!


  1. CourtPerk Designs: Rainbow Fans Earrings

These adorable bright statement earrings are a part of CourtPerk Design’s Spring Collection! I have recently bought them and can’t stop showing them off. Even my grandma wants her own pair (btw my grandma is super stylish 😉 ) They are perfect for bringing color to your outfit and compliments any look. The tassels and hoop are secure and carefully crafted. I love the uniqueness and freshness the earrings bring.

In the Spring Collection, there are different color variations for the tassels that can match many many outfits! Tassels have been my favorite trend this year and I am so glad to bring my love for them to earrings.

Shop my look: (Click the name to view website)

2. CourtPerk Designs: 3 Way Wrap


Saying that this wrap is my favorite, is an understatement. I adore the versatility and pop this fabulous necklace brings! Not to mention, it also works as a bracelet and long necklace. The sparkly stone in the middle definitely ties your outfit together. This wrap has been all over social media and has been popular for many months and MANY more to come! You can wear them to tailgates, parties, dinners, and anywhere your heart desires. The bracelet wrap style brings so much fun and style to your look. The sparkly glimmer of the stone is beautiful!


I bought a custom design and that is one of my favorite aspects of CourtPerk Designs. They make custom 3-way wraps so you can make the necklace true to you! CourtPerk Designs is an online shop that sells jewelry and clothing! All their products are of the highest quality. It is sold and owned by Courtney Perkins, one of the most talented and sweet people you will ever encounter. Check out their Instagram: @courtperkdesigns

Shop my look: (Click the name to view website)

3. Andrea Earp Designs!

Andrea Earp Designs is own of my favorite places to get handmade quality chokers, earrings, watches, and rings! Nearly my entire collection of chokers and jewelry are from Andrea Earp. I can’t recommend buying from them more than I already do! In the first picture, I am wearing Zaynab and Invincible. One of my favorites is the bestselling Leann necklace! The colors are very neutral but stand out with your outfit. The long double wrap I am wearing is called Indy. I love the stone component to the necklace, the earthly palette makes it suitable to pair with any outfit.


Andrea Earp Designs is an online based shop, they support boutiques, Instagram influencers, models, charities, and make every item with love.

Shop My Look: (click the names to view the website)

4. Francesca’s: Fynne Seedbead Ball Drop Earrings

I am obsessed with this gorgeous white drop earring! During the summer, these were my go-to’s and made all my outfits stand out. These are a star of their own and are magical. Despite my worries, the earrings are light and don’t tire your earlobes. The white color goes with everything and you you’ll find yourself not able to take them off. I will be bringing them back out into my looks for spring and summer! 10/10 reconmend getting them!

Life is too short to wear boring jewelry! ❤️

Shop my Look:

5. Francesca’s: Lisa Digital Rubber Watch and Emma Bead Stretch Set Bracelet

I am a huge fan of Francesca’s wrist bling. I have a collection of their watches but this classy white digital watch comes on top! Call me lazy, but a digital watch makes it much faster to read time. The watch also pleases my aesthetics, the outlining gold compliments the pristine white beautifully!

The Emma Bead Stretch Set Bracelet is the perfect way to take your accessorizing up a notch. It has all my favorite components: tassels, beads, and bling! I love the variety of colors in the bracelets. Unlike some nightmarish bracelet clasps, these are stretchy and can just be slipped on! It’s a small part but a HUGE plus for my laziness. I love this bracelet and you can bet, it’s going to be the bracelet I wear the most in the spring!

Shop my Look:

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my take at “fab & fun” jewelry accessories! Let me know in the comments your thoughts! And feel free to like this post if you enjoyed it. – KATIE ♥♥♥

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

ps. treat yourself or friends with some of this jewelry!!!!



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