GIRL POWER!!! #empowerment 💗🎀💪

On August 18, 1920, women were granted the right to vote. Sandra Day O’Connor became the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court in 1981. Then, Hillary Clinton became the first female presidential nominee of a major party, 2016. Women have fought a long way in our struggle for equality and rights. Even though there are still many obstacles ahead, we stand united.

I believe empowered women should empower other women. Truly, we rise by lifting others. I love that saying because it portrays a beautiful truth. Behind every successful woman is an ARMY of more successful women. In my life, there are dozens of beautiful women that inspire, support, and love me. Keep reading to see a glimpse of the many many women in my life that live with a heart full of “GIRL POWER.”


When I started this blog, my true girlfriends encouraged me to do it and still read my blogs to this day. The day I started my photography business, I was surprised with supportive friends messaging me they would love to help get me started. Without the urging of a friend, I would never have discovered my love for cheer or found my passion for writing.

These are the people who inspire me to keep going. Although, sometimes superficial things like commenting on your Instagrams does not always depict true support. It’s about having their back when times get rough, being a ready shoulder to cry on, and someone to help you up after you die laughing. (true story lollll rt if you can relate) Sometimes it’s about shamelessly eating 5 bowls of Chipotle together because women are strong and can do ANYTHING they put their minds to (yes, even Chipotle binge eating.)


A special woman in my life is my grandma. She is the BEST. No matter the day or mood, my grandma puts herself aside to help me. She is my #1 supporter. When I was a baby, she held me. When I was four, she supported my dream of being a princess, and now, she goes target shopping with me and proves grandmas are pretty hip. Not to mention, my grandma is a taekwondo black belt. She speaks three languages and the most inspirational woman in my life. My grandma proves girl power never dies with age, it only increases.


Strong business leaders and influencers in my life have also taught me the meaning of “Girl Power. I started getting involved Andrea Earp Designswith  or Chokers by Drea earlier this year. Not only did I get to learn about business but also the true brave compassionate woman who I call my friend. She helps me to do my very best with all my work but most importantly my character. My standards have gone higher and my view of the world made positive. Through my beginning as a Choker by Drea ambassador, I met people like Ally Floth (an AMAZING photographer), trendy and sweet boutique owners (s/o to Shop Ana Marie & Sassafrasbg), bloggers like Kate Bartlett  (sweetest girlie ever).

I had the chance to talk to Hailey Welch, makeup artist and fashion influencer, about ‘Girl Power”. She is incredibly inspirational by encouraging girls to embrace their flaws and do what they love. She said,

“When I started my business I had absolutely no confidence!! I was pretty much alone and all the people around me put me down constantly. Fast forward 7 months I started realizing that girls liked my work!! It really movitvated me to do better and be better, I’m a huge fan of the quote “empowered women empower women”. Once we stop bringing each other down and start fixing each other’s crowns we will FLOURISH! That to me is TRUE girl power!!

I couldn’t have said it better. The world is tough but with the loving support of girls everywhere, YOU can be the best version of youself. One of my favorite sayings is, “She believed she could so she did.” AMEN. Women are courageous, beautiful, and capable of great things. Keep supporting each other! ❤️

Thanks for reading!!! Comment and like if you believe in GIRL POWER! – KATIE ♥♥♥




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