PARTY PANTS ft. prints and patterns ⭐️

Who doesn’t love pants!

no one, because hello you gotta have something down there!!!

There is much to love, they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. And with the perfect pants is the perfect outfit. Lately, as the weather has been colder, I’ve explored different bold looks that centered around pants. If M.C Hammerpants are a little too extreme as a statement piece, I found three partayyyy pants that are a step-down, but still the perfect out-of-the-box look!



These jeans are my new favorite! They are comfier than any other jean I have ever worn and the perfect stylish substitute if you are ever tired of your simple blue jeans. The side has beautiful floral embroidery and makes your outfit pop. I paired these jeans with a sweater tank crop top from Club Monaco.
Processed with VSCO with u4 preset

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Wow. Yes. 🐯 I miiiiight have received crazy looks from my neighbors as I walked down the street in these, but no regret at all! Ever feel a little wild and adventurous? Now, you can look the part too! I love these joggers so much, they are well fitting and not the least uncomfortable. Not to mention, the material is breathable and cool to the touch.

I matched the bottoms with a plain high neck black top, and sneakers. These pants are perfect for a night out, lounging around your house, or even to get groceries. Be crazy! Be wiLD!

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If you are tired of the regular ol’ plain blue skinny jeans, these are perfect for you. The fit and quality is amazing and has lasted me for a couple of years. These plaid jeans are not too crazy but still offer that unique look. I love pairing them with a plain white top during any season.

I am wearing these jeans with a cold shoulder white sweater and sneakers. Unfortunately, Current Elliot has stopped selling these jeans, but I will link some similar styles down below.

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Thank you for reading all about my partayyy pants! Let me know in the comments your favorite one! And feel free to like, comment, and follow Craziness With KATIE if you enjoyed it! – KATIE ♥♥♥



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