75,600 MINUTES OF SCHOOL!!! motivation & goals! 💖


noun. the END of summer, the wooonderfullll home that you’re stuck in for 14+ yrs ahhhhh yay!!!

Today was my last 1st (!!!) day of middle school, wow, time sure does fly by fast. Since it is my last year, I want to spend it doing my very best and succeeding everything I hope for. Despite sitting in stuffy classrooms for looooooooong hours every day, school is important and the ways I get through it are setting my annual goals, backed by my little motivations.


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back in uniform 😭


GOALS!!! :

  1. Grades up! = Happinessss

Yay, I know we ALL love doing tests and homework, of course, so keeping high grades will be a “total” breeze! (–>)  jk, seriously it takes a lot of commitment and focus so I will definitely have to work on this throughout the school year. 


My locker, desk, pencil bag, room, etc always start the school year in a 10/10 beautiful magazine catalog organization status but then drops down to OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD crazy junkyard clutter. This year, that’s gonna be a “nope, nope” for me! gotta clean clean clean 😫🙏🏻

3. Drama Free is Key (gotta go that extra mile to rhyme , whooop whoop! lol)

Drama is something that can just complicate our lives and distract us from what’s really important- learning, learning, and (yup, you guessed it-) more learning. And of course, having fun with your friends! My goal for this year is to be drama free and that starts with me being 100% kind and the best version of myself! 🤗🎉

Those were my basic goals for this year & Now for….


wow, i thought going to school to get educated was enough motivation

^^^ NOPE, well here are other things that motivate me to wake up @ 6am everryyday

  1. SUPER DUPER CUTE SUPPLIES + back to school shopping

Little things like buying a set of matching notebooks or even just DIYing your supplies always gets me in the mood for school. Writing my notes with colorful pens makes it easier for me to study, or like having a clean organized new desk makes me want to sit down and do homework. Back-to-school shopping is one of my favorite activities and helps me ease into the school year with more positive anticipation.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
“back to school shopping” is the perfect excuse to go to a trip to one of my fav stores Anthropology ;)))

2. Good grades —> success

In my opinion, being well educated is very important because it can provide you with endless opportunites to pursure your dreams. Knowing this, it keeps me going in school, not just only be there but to also participate and work hard.

3. Summer’s just around the corner!

Happy to say that even though it’s only the first week of school, I’m counting down the days till summer is here (and then school again hahah)


School is a place to learn but it’s also an excuse to see your friends more, hey! 8 hours with them isn’t so bad!! 💘😉 So get up and get to school!!

Here’s to the 75, 600 minutes of school! #thegrindneverstops thx for reading! – KATIE ♥♥♥



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