– Summers are full of parties, swimming, night outs, and happy thoughts! Also, summer is all about good food and trying new things! During the month of July, I spent a little bit of time in Vietnam and Texas. In each place, I tried and found tons of new delicious dishes that I’m going to share with you in this post! Most of these pictures are featured on my (just for fun) food insta @foodsforfoodies, feel free to check it out!

At every restaurant I ate in Vietnam, I always ordered a coconut drink- super refreshing and sweet!

↑↑↑ you can find coconut juice in the US as an alternative at nearly every supermarket, my personal favorite brands are Zico and Vita Coco.

↓↓↓ on the left is my regular every morning pick me up coffee I HAD to have before heading to the beach or breakfast, etc while I was in Vietnam. On the right, was an American burger with a Vietnamese twist on flavors and ingredients. Down below are just pictures of some ice cream, chocolate shake, and a birthday cake all from Vietnam.

The first actual food I ate when I landed back in Texas, USA was a strawberry banana T-Swirl crepe and it was so good! And a couple days later, I tried the savory Terrikayki Chicken Crepe. 10/10 recommend to try!! @ T-Swirl Crepes

One of my absolute FAVORITE DAYS in July is NATIONAL CHEESECAKE DAY!!! Every year, the Cheesecake Factory has a “Half Off for Any Cheesecake Slice.” I went with my friend that co-owns the @foodsforfoodies account!

The two entrees my friend and I ordered from the Factory were a Chicken Bellagio and the Veggie Burger w/ avocado and sourdough bread! I totally recommend the Chicken Bellagio, but the Veggie Burger is ehhhhhh haha!

 Thanks for reading and tuning in!! Leave your thoughts and love in the comments!!! ♥♥♥ – KATIE 



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