“Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

I looked up this Bible verse because I personally needed a BIG WAKE-UP CALL. It all started with how a conversation with one of my friends turned into a “complaining fest”- I felt miserable at the time and just spewed all of my unimportant annoyances and petty anger. After, I took a step back and was like “No, nope. I have nothing worth complaining about because there are other people suffering much worse without blessings I’m fortunate to have”. Instead of wasting my breath being ungrateful for what Christ has given me, I decided that I’m going to use my voice to “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks..” 

So I hopped on my laptop, scouring the internet for the perfect bible verse that described my new goal to achieve!!

I believe what God commanded through Paul’s writing in the first book of Thessalonians, is difficult to achieve but an important goal to strive for in our lives. He says:

“Rejoice always: what does this mean??? To me, it’s to look at the world in a “cup’s half full” and not “cup’s half empty” kinda way. This command, at all times rejoice” is saying we are to rejoice with an incessant joy. In order to rejoice ALWAYS- even in difficult times, I’m going to remember that “Wow, Jesus has given me so much.” -Rejoice in Him, He gave us all our spiritual necessities like grace, forgiveness, redemption, and love. With all of these, why would we NOT rejoice?

“Pray without ceasing”:  This reminds me of this saying, “Live in prayer”. Many religious teachers remind us that what we do daily should be for God- and be living prayerfully. Praying unceasingly, like at EVERY waking moment is a little extreme in my opinion, and I take this command as to pray frequently and with consistency. Blessed saints like Mother Teresa or Saint Monica always sent up millions of little prayers for big things and God rewarded them. They also lived as faithful followers of Christ, living in His works and praying. Praying without ceasing and rejoicing always are incredibly related to the next command- “in everything give thanks”.

“In everything give thanks”: We owe everything we are blessed with to the man upstairs, God. Whether we realize it or not, all the little or big things we have are special and a gift. I feel like this part of the bible verse is calling us to show gratitude to the Lord and not waste our gifts, using them to the best of our abilities. Some of the things we have, other people may not have so be thankful. 🙏🏻

I often take for granted the amazing opportunities and things I have in life and complain about the most insignificant ordeals ever, I know that isn’t a good thing to do and this verse from 1 Thessalonians shows that God doesn’t want us to be miserable, but instead -loving grateful followers.

This was my super long way of saying the condensed version of:

“Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

I hope this made your day a little brighter and made the view to Jesus a little clearer!!! I ask for your prayers in making life better and Heaven more reachable for all of God’s children and thank you for reading!!

p.s feel free to leave a prayer intention in the comments or privately! ♥♥♥




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