On July 7th, 2017 – I attended a family friend’s wedding in Saigon, Vietnam. It was an amazing cultural experience and you can read more about it down below!! Enjoy!!


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as you can see, I was SUPER pumped for the wedding!!!


It was really exciting to get to dress up in the traditional Vietnamese long dresses and experience an amazing part of the Vietnamese culture.

We were only able to attend the reception party because the ceremony was exclusively for close family. It was still a GREAT experience though! 👍

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The Vietnamese Long Dresses or “áo dài” is the national costume of Vietnamese tradition. It can be worn by women or men and is usually a tight fitting silk tunic worn over silk trousers. It is a beautiful way of expressing yourself through clothing that I had the chance to do. Usually for a professional piece, you have to get it customed and that is what I did when I chose my fabric, got measured at a fitting, and had local dressmakers create the outfit! (( & now- get ready for 1,504,083 picss!!! ;)))


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smiling through the tightness of the dress 😬 #beautyispain
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fidget spinners are a MUST in a good picture! hahah!! 😂



Here is an example of a male Vietnamese long dress, they are typically high necked and blue or red! 


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The wedding was a blast!!

This was my third wedding I have attended in Vietnam, one was when I was four as the flower girl, the second was when I was nine, and now this one. The bride and groom made a spontaneous decision to have my siblings and I to escort them to the stage because we were the only kids there dressed in the traditional long dresses. It was sooOoo stressful because we only had ten minutes to figure out what we were suppose to do and I was in charge of holding the bride’s dress tail and my siblings as the flower boy and girl. I guess it was pretty cool having a role at the wedding! I didn’t see many differences between typical Western weddings and Vietnamese weddings, there was both cake cutting, live music and dancing, and a multi-course meal. I loved every bit of the craziness and I am so glad I went!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
on stage with the beautiful bride and groom!

THX FOR READING!! I hope you enjoyed this peek of my adventures in Vietnam! – Katie



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