here’s a snippet of my travel journal that i wrote while in Europe!!!

One of the best three days of my life was during Spring Break of 2017. I had the great opportunity to go to Germany with my family to experience the beautiful European lifestyle and to reunite with the German side of my family. After my brief time in Germany, my cousins took us on a spontaneous road trip to Oberau, Austria where we skied in the Alps.

On the first day, my family got settled into a quaint cottage that we shared with a native family. Everything so far was amazing, except for the fact that I had to wake up at 6 am every day. I later realized it was all worth it because it gave me a chance to watch the sunrise and prepare for a long day ahead. It reminded me of what my grandma always says, “Morgenstern hat Gold im Mund” or “The morning hour has gold in its mouth.” It’s a German proverb that interprets to the saying, “The early bird catches the worm” and that an early start to a day will end in a good day.


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thumbs up to a good day!


After a quick set up with ski rentals, it was off up to the mountain my family went. I was overwhelmed with amazement with the enormous volume of snow! It was so cool (no pun intended), especially since I live in sweltering hot Texas. I never thought I’d be the person to be rushing down a snow hill on a pair of metal boards, or frankly- be adventurous but I learned you’ll regret it if you don’t take opportunities life gives you.

We arrived at the top of the mountain and met our ski instructor and began to learn. It was no easy feat and by the end of the day, I had managed to fall at least fifty times. I now see that even though I wasn’t a professional yet, it was just important that I got up on my feet again every time I fell. 

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The next two days, I got more skilled and began to have lots of fun. I started falling less and could even ski down steeper slopes. At times, I got lazy and opted for playing on my phone instead of skiing. That’s when I learned another German saying, told to me by my instructor, “Anfangen ist leicht, Beharren eine Kunst” (Starting is easy, persistence is an art). I understood and soon hit the slopes again, eager to get better and enjoy my time in Austria.

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The day I left to go back home was one of the saddest days I’ve had. I said goodbye to the majestic Alps, hugged my cousins farewell, and left with a new mindset to life.

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In a way, I learned to be adventurous and realized there’s a whole wide world to see, so embrace and experience all opportunities given to you. You only live once, live life to the fullest! 

Thanks for reading!!!- KATIE



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